Field Days

Tuesday's, 10am
Plotting, planning, weeding and chatting, oh my! Bring your neighbor, family or kids for an hour of hands-on work followed by an hour of learning and playing. Meet us under the arch at 10am with your favorite gardening & outdoor cleanup tools and gloves. There are different topics & tasks each week, now through Labor Day weekend. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Summer Tours

Saturdays, 10am
Join us for walking workshops along the Blue Water River Walk now through Labor Day weekend. Meet us each Saturday under the arch at 10am for a 30-45 minute tour. There is a different theme each week as we explore nature, wildlife, history & art. All ages and abilities welcome. Ask about custom and group tours!

Friends Meeting

Sept. 23, 6pm
Join us Wednesday, September 23 from 6pm – 7pm at the St. Clair County Don Dodge Auditorium for an educational and inspirational speaker. All guests are welcome to stay for our Stewards Meeting at 7pm if you’re interested in becoming a steward of the Blue Water River Walk or Marysville Living Shoreline.
St. Clair County is a big part of what is known as the “Blue Water Area” which got its name from the St. Clair River – a river of incredible sapphire colors. If you live here or have visited here you know this to be true. Our passion for the St. Clair River runs deep here in the Blue Water Area, so welcome and thank you for stopping by!
St. Clair County contains some of the most valuable fresh water on earth and Friends of the St. Clair River is here to protect the future of these waters. Founded in 2007, Friends of the St. Clair River is a grassroots environmental non-profit providing fun, educational activities that connect our community to our water resources. We are the lead organization for advocating for water resource protection and restoration throughout St. Clair County.

Introducing families to our precious water resources is our business. Through education, monitoring, and restoration activities we are committed to helping families enjoy a day together in the great outdoors. We hope that this love of nature creates a lifetime of memories and stewards that will one day advocate for clean water too.

The St. Clair River is the Blue Water Area’s most significant natural feature. We invite you to get involved with us in celebrating the St. Clair River. Whatever you do, get out and show the water some love!

St. Clair River Progress Report

Experience an aerial view of the Blue Water River Walk