Life in Our Rivers: A Freshwater Mussel Showcase
Wednesday, January 27 - 6pm

Led by Dave Dortman, a local freshwater mussel enthusiast and naturalist, he will discuss mussel biology, life history, identification, and their local importance. Dozens of local mussel species will be brought in for handling and identification. Of Michigan’s 45 native mussels, 19 are listed as endangered or threatened. Locally, the Belle River supports Michigan’s most diverse and endangered mussel population. A significant mussel population is a direct reflection on the health of a river --- the more mussels, the healthier the water. The presentation will last 45 minutes and meets at the St. Clair County Administration Building Auditorium, 200 Grand River Avenue, Port Huron.

Winter Bird Blast
Saturday, February 20 - 9am

Join our 2nd Annual Winter Bird Blast on Saturday, February 20! Learn about winter birding, take a guided hike along the St. Clair River shoreline, and paint a winter owl scene. Families are welcome to participate in one or both of the activities:
Bird Talk & Walk: 9am – Noon, 200 Grand River Avenue, Port Huron, $0
Owl Painting Party: 1 – 3pm, Studio 1219, 1219 Military Street, Port Huron, $45

The Bird Talk & Walk is at the St. Clair County Building Auditorium and is free. It begins at 9am with a “Blue Water Birding” presentation by the Blue Water Audubon Society. Then we’ll bundle up from 10am – noon for hiking the best birding spots along St. Clair River shoreline. Last year, over 20 different species were identified! Suggested items to bring to the Talk & Walk include a field guide, binoculars, and a camera and participants should dress warmly. Hot beverages will be provided!

The Owl Painting Party is from 1pm – 3pm at Studio 1219. The party is a fundraiser as a portion of the $45 fee is given to Friends of the St. Clair River. The painting party is open to all ages and abilities and pre-registration is required through Studio 1219 (810-984-2787).

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Behind the Scenes: Reclaiming Our Water
Wednesday February 24 - 6pm

Our February monthly speaker series will be led by Patty Troy, Lab Manager at the Port Huron Waste Water Treatment Plant. Patty will take us on a virtual tour of the plant’s inner workings where about 8 million gallons of wastewater are cleaned and returned to the St. Clair River every day! The tour will include discussion of water treatment processes, permitted pollutant discharges to the river, laboratory testing, and biosolids recycling for agricultural purposes. The presentation will last 45 minutes and meets at the St. Clair County Administration Building Auditorium, 200 Grand River Avenue, Port Huron.

St. Clair County is a big part of what is known as the “Blue Water Area” which got its name from the St. Clair River – a river of incredible sapphire colors. If you live here or have visited here you know this to be true. Our passion for the St. Clair River runs deep here in the Blue Water Area, so welcome and thank you for stopping by!
St. Clair County contains some of the most valuable fresh water on earth and Friends of the St. Clair River is here to protect the future of these waters. Founded in 2007, Friends of the St. Clair River is a grassroots environmental non-profit providing fun, educational activities that connect our community to our water resources. We are the lead organization for advocating for water resource protection and restoration throughout St. Clair County.

Introducing families to our precious water resources is our business. Through education, monitoring, and restoration activities we are committed to helping families enjoy a day together in the great outdoors. We hope that this love of nature creates a lifetime of memories and stewards that will one day advocate for clean water too.

The St. Clair River is the Blue Water Area’s most significant natural feature. We invite you to get involved with us in celebrating the St. Clair River. Whatever you do, get out and show the water some love!

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Experience an aerial view of the Blue Water River Walk