Blue Water River Walk

This major habitat restoration project along the St. Clair River in Port Huron began in 2010. Desmond Landing started out as a mile-long stretch of industrial wasteland, but when this project finished in June 2014, it became a beautiful shoreline with suitable habitat for fish and wildlife. With a restored and naturalized shoreline, the River Walk is safer and has more places for public to access the water in this primarily urban landscape. Native plants are critical to this habitat project in that they will produce the most suitable habitat for native fish and wildlife and offer protection for the shoreline. This is one of nine projects completed under the “DELISTING TARGETS FOR LOSS OF FISH & WILDLIFE HABITAT BENEFICIAL USE IMPAIRMENT OF THE ST. CLAIR RIVER AREA OF CONCERN” that gets us one step closer to removing this BUI from the St. Clair River.

Blue Water River Walk Fact Sheet
St. Clair Community Foundation Blue Water River Walk website

Maintaining a beautiful shoreline by keeping invasive plants in check so that native plants can flourish is an ongoing project.

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